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Just to finish off

The flight home from Calgary was delayed but the waiting around wasn't too bad. Watched the football match between Uruguay and Ghana, a big crowd (all nationalities) were standing around cheering as the penalties were taken. Caught the very end of Andy Murrays match where he unfortunately lost to Nadal. This all helped to pass the time.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our Canadian holiday, the cities, the mountains and lakes, the travelling, the Canada Day celebrations, the weather and the wild life. Would recommend this holiday to anyone who likes scenery, wildlife and travelling.around. Would have liked to have seen a grizzly bear and a moose - maybe next time!!

Wild life seen

Black Bear (4)
Red Squirrel
Humming Birds
Stag (I was going to say it was a Cariboo but not sure)
Golden mantle ground squirrel
Columbian ground squirrel
American robin
Canadian tiger swallowtail butterflies (lots )
Big horned sheep
Mountain goats

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Canada Day Evening Celebrations

Just got back from our last look out in Calgary. We went to the celebrations held in Olympic Plaza to mark Canada day.
It felt like a good Hogmanay or New Years Eve celebrations but in the warm. For us the highlight was the lighting of what was the Olympic flame on the top of the Calgary Tower. When the Olympics were here in 1988 this was (and still is) the highest Olympic flame. It is now only lit on special occasions like Canada day or important visitors like us!!.

Barbara can now say she has had her photo taken with 3 Mounties even though these were bicycles not horses.

Time to go to bed now so we can get up for the plane home in the morning.

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Canada Day in Calgary

Had a lie in this morning before breakfast in the hotel and out to the Calgary Tower. The views from the tower were good but as many of the buildings in Calgary are now taller than the tower it is not as impressive as it must once have been. (When it was built in the late 60's it was the tallest structure in Canada.) We had distant views of the Rockies but a bit of mist restricted the distant views.
Late lunch in town again then a wander through the 15+ walkway. This is the only one of its kind in the world. 12 miles of walkways 15ft + above ground level link many buildings, shops offices etc in Downtown Calgary. This was originally constructed to allow Calgary residents to get around following a particularly cold winter.

The amount of construction going on in Calgary is a sign that Calgary does not seem to be suffering too much in the current world financial crisis.

Having a rest in the hotel, making sure we are ready for the off tomorrow morning, before we go out tonight to watch the end of the Canada Day celebrations and the final fireworks.

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Calgary RV park to Hotel

Had to give our RV back today and then into Calgary city.

A trip on the city tramway then found a pedestrianised area with a number of restaurants and bars for a meal.
There is a lot of construction work in downtown Calgary which seems to make the place look untidy. Should be nice when it is finished.
Canada day tomorrow, hope to go up the Calgary Tower though not sure what else yet.

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Our last day in the RV

Sitting outside the RV in the sunshine at Calgary West Campground. It's been red hot today, we started off in Banff for a last look around, checked out a few shops, had a coffee, then drove the hour or so to this campground. Feeling quite sad that the adventure is coming to a close, though we do have 2 nights in a Calgary hotel to look forward to including 1 full day which happens to be Canada Day, July 1st. I think this is a massive holiday in Canada so hoping for some special events in Calgary, but not sure!!

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